Residential Design

KJG Architecture Residential offers a wide range of services, perfect for what you need. We work with you on creative design, as well as project development, and construction site observation. Our office is located in Indiana to provide a broader range of capabilities on architectural styles as well as regional specific requirements.

Our work comprises a substantial body of residential work for clients in natural and historical environments, we always take into consideration everything that affects you. Our firm has expertise in general architecture, concept design, interior design, graphics, and property planning. KJG Architecture places emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship, use of just the right materials, and designs that create homes worthy of your lifestyle. We listen to you, create your perfect space, and follow through, to ensure everything goes well.

KJG Architecture & Engineering excels in meeting the creative and functional needs of our clients who range from homeowners to builders, developers, commercial investors and government agencies to non-profit organizations and owner-occupied businesses. Every KJG design is the result of strategic planning based on the objectives of you, the client. By applying experience and innovative design to achieve your goals, we create architectural and engineering plans that are both cost effective and practical to construct. We are an active and licensed AIA member.

The Studio is where it all happens. It is where our talented group designs your perfect home. But what is the process, and what role do you play?

1. The Interview
You are on the team too! You are the most important member. The first step is to spend some time with you and find out how you live, what you like to do, and what styles make you feel the most at home.

2. The Program
Based on your interview, we will create a program that puts your information into a form we can use to start developing the design.

3. Design Development
We will begin with a style board and some basic thoughts and refine the design with your input. We will create fabulous graphics that allow you to visualize the final design.

4. Construction Documentation
This is the nuts and bolts part of the process where we create the documents that meet codes, pass reviews, obtain construction bids and provide the detailed guidelines for construction.

5. Construction Observation
Construction is where the action is. It is where all of the plans on paper are turned into your living, breathing home. We will be there to help you through the process and make sure the end result is the home you will love for years to come.