​: Monticello, Indiana                                  Project Type: Renovation

Hillside Retreat

Whether it is a new home or a renovation, a large project or a small one, they are all very important to the homeowner. Therefore they are all important to us. This renovation to a 60's ranch is no exception. Upon completion of the project, the homeowner said: "I can't believe I get to live in a house like this!" Making the homeowner, our client, happy is most important to us.

This home received some expansion in addition to cosmetic upgrades. The kitchen was enlarged and remodeled. The master bedroom was enlarged to create a very nice master suite. Lastly, the detached garage was extended, making it much larger.

The exterior received a beautiful renovation including decorative stone, new siding, a new front door, and a new roof. A new patio was added on the lakeside taking advantage of the beautiful views. The chimney and the areas around the back patio were clad in stone.

All of these renovations were completed on a very strict budget, but care was taken to make every dollar count. The result is a beautiful home and a happy homeowner.