Julius Springs

Location​: Lafayette, Indiana                             Project Type: New Home

The classic farmhouse is making a resurgence. The farmhouse is an American style that offers the promise of connecting with natural rhythms and creating oneness with the land. It evokes a sense of family along with the traditional warmth of home. The Modern Farmhouse builds on this nostalgic context by incorporating the newest concepts in design along with a touch of contemporary style.

In keeping with these ideals, this farmhouse has 4 bedrooms, including a guest suite on the second floor, perfect for a large family. It has a big country kitchen, the central space of the home, and a family room for get-togethers. For a little privacy, the tower surrounds a library with windows which let in plenty of sunshine. It is a great place for reading and study.

The exterior is styled with earthy colors, including two types of stone. Heavy Craftsman style columns define the entrance and accentuate the front porch. The property drops quickly behind the house, but two levels of porches provide a dramatic rear elevation and a fantastic outdoor space for entertaining, outdoor dining, or just relaxing and enjoying the view.