Red Oaks

Location​: Lafayette, Indiana                           Project Type: Renovation

Originally built in the 1800s, this home was well maintained and in beautiful condition. The land surrounding the home was just as beautiful, featuring a number of large, wonderfully aged trees. The renovation called for an expansion of space to better suit the lifestyle of the homeowner, but we did not want to impact the surrounding landscape. One side of the home featured a very large screened porch, which was just the right size for the addition. Enclosing the porch was the perfect solution, but to make it all work, we had to reorganize the interior spaces.

The space that previously served as a porch was enclosed and partitioned in half to form a family room and a master bedroom. Inside the house, space which was previously the master suite was converted to become a large master bath and walk-in closet. This simple adjustment doubled the size of the master bedroom suite with little impact on the rest of the floor plan.

Because of the historical beauty of the home, we matched the existing exterior siding and colors, along with compatible doors and windows. We also created a period patio which included a cooking area covered with a natural wood trellis perfect for outdoor entertaining. The result is a home renovation that looks as if it has always been there.